Problem solving support service using data

Service Overview

With the development of the information society (Society 4.0), many IT systems have been introduced in companies and organizations, and “various information / data” has been accumulated. There are also a lot of big data represented by SNS, IoT, and robot data, and open data released by the government. In the coming era, cross-cutting and effective utilization of these data will be required to solve corporate management issues and administrative issues of local governments and to evaluate business. We will work with our customers to find the root cause of problems and to set issues and consider solutions. Then, we will select and collect data necessary for problem visualization and problem solving, and create a model for strategic data utilization for problem solving from the data analysis results. Furthermore, by evaluating the created model, we will continue to improve and support customers’ growth.

Service Details

In order to analyze data according to the purpose, it is necessary to collect appropriate data necessary for the analysis. Careful selection and collection of data is important because analysis with inadequate data will not give you the results you want, but it also increases the risk of incorrect decisions. To that end, we collect data from IoT and robots, SNS and open data such as SNS and open data, focusing on various data accumulated in the organization, and verify with our customers that we can produce analysis results that suit their purposes. To do together.
After confirming the analysis data, it will be a strategic use of visualization (BI: Business Intelligence) and analysis results (BA: Business Analysis) by conducting multi-faceted analysis. We make proposals according to the customer’s situation, from collection of data necessary for analysis to analysis and utilization.

Service Application Examples

■ Business / Measure / Event Evaluation
Using various data as well as KPI, we can evaluate the results from various perspectives. In addition, the improvement items will be clarified and reflected in the next action.
■ Reputation Analysis
Utilize big data such as SNS, analyze the reputation of products, events and measures, and clarify improvements based on critical opinions.
■ Risk Reduction
Analyzing data within an organization over time and identifying change points and their causes enables risk prevention.