Global Solutions Corporation
April 2007
11 million yen
Kenji Hashimoto
◆head office
〒140-0002 2-2-25 Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6417-9222
FAX: 03-6417-9223
◆Business description
Computer system planning, development and consulting
Computer system operation services
Vietnam related business
◆License matter
Dispatch business authorization number 特13-306764
◆Major trading partners
Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.、Jal Sales Co., Ltd.、TIS Corporation、
Akiyama Institute of Mathematics(Tokai University Institute of Education)、Computer System Co., Ltd.、
BCC Inc.、Nikko OB Association、Nikko Stewardess OG Association、Japan Airlines Rugby Club、
Senior Life Association、MK Soft Service Co., Ltd.、
Pride Co., Ltd.、Japan Financial Engineering Co., Ltd.、
Dell Corporation、Japan NCS Corporation、Rakusu Co., Ltd.など

In order to provide the “maximum performance” at the “minimum cost” in order to respond to the changing business model that requires speed in management in the turbulent economic environment, it is optimally combined with our solutions, services and products. We will propose a system. Proposals for offshore development are possible through partnerships with Vietnamese IT companies.