Contract Development

System Language:
Java、.NET etc.
Windows、Unix、Linux etc.
Oracle、SQL-Server、MySQL,PostgreSQL etc.
Develop in response to various fields such as distribution, transportation and logistics services.
In particular, efficient development is provided by providing a template based on the results of an automatic scheduling system that creates an optimal schedule based on the results of simulating combinations of people and work such as large-scale call centers and airport operations.
We provide systems that help reduce costs and improve operational efficiency through efficient use of human resources and leveling of work.

Offshore Development

Overcoming offshore issues, sharing values ​​and realizing high-quality software development by standardizing the software development process in Vietnam through a business alliance with a private company in Vietnam
Since the Japanese staff will work on site, no bridge SE is required, so overhead man-hours can be eliminated, which is advantageous in terms of cost and quality.

Website Design

We will create websites according to customer requests, simple cart systems, application management, hotel reservation management, etc.


We do all consulting regarding systematization. We also provide marketing support by branding products using the Internet.