Global Shopping

Based on open source, we improve operability, answer customer’s individual requests, and provide total support from introduction, development and operation.
By customizing, we also carry out cooperation with e-bay and yahoo shopping.
In terms of operations, we will assist you not only in the area of ​​computers, but also in general business, such as product shipping agency and product registration agency.


We will introduce an e-learning system or provide it as an ASP service.
In cooperation with the homepage, use as Web certification and correspondence education (function to deliver classes on demand, etc.), etc., and customize it according to customer needs to improve operability and functions, making it optimal for customer operations It is provided as a system.

e-shift manager

This solution automatically creates shifts.
Need help with this?

Shift creation takes time
Cannot capture on-site requests
Site dissatisfaction due to shift bias

A tool that solves these problems.