Definitive manual creation support tool SoftSimulator2

◆Definitive manual creation support tool

Software for creating operating procedures, manuals, and e-learning contents for Windows applications.”Detect” the “operation / procedure” on Windows and “capture automatically”. Captured data (screens and explanations of operations associated with them) can be easily converted into various general-purpose formats, and the data can be viewed in many environments.
It is a tool that promises easy and speedy creation by reducing the troublesome process of creating manuals and procedures. If you introduce it, you can immediately increase the effect, and you can create a manual etc. in a third of the time. It can also be used to reduce costs.

◆High versatility

Data can be created in 8 different formats commonly used in offices such as MS-Office. No special license is required for browsing.

◆Easy operation and efficiency

The time required for data creation has been reduced to one-third. Moreover, operations can be easily digitized simply by performing the operations you want to convey and document.

◆Various usage scenes

The created data can be used in a wide variety of ways, such as operating procedure manuals and manuals as documents, auto demos for sales promotion / support converted to Web contents, simulators and tests that can be used in e-learning education.