Data Recovery Service

Reliable technology, best equipment, and excellent staff restore data. We provide an advanced data recovery service that rescues data from the storage device of a computer where a problem has occurred. Recover a wide range of hardware and software data that has become unreadable due to various failures.

Data Entry

  • Completed books and handwritten drawings will be converted to CAD. Use AutoCAD.
  • Target: Buildings, houses, factories, etc., bridges, roads, tunnels, dams, river structures, etc.
  • We accept a set of topographic map traces.
    • scanning
    • Raster vector conversion
    • Distortion correction
  • Our Vietnamese partner will support you, so it is about 1/2 of the unit price in Japan.
    Please contact us for details.
  • Sample document
    Sample digital map of Hanoi
    Tourist map of Japan
  • Introduction of partners
    • Name:Mobile Mapping Vietnam Co., Ltd.  

Definitive manual creation support tool SoftSimulator2

Software for creating operating procedures, manuals, and e-learning contents for Windows applications. “Detect” the “operation / procedure” on Windows and “capture automatically”. Captured data (screens and explanations of operations associated with them) can be easily converted into various general-purpose formats, and the data can be viewed in many environments.
It is a tool that promises easy and speedy creation by reducing the troublesome process of creating manuals and procedures. If you introduce it, you can immediately increase the effect, and you can create a manual etc. in a third of the time. It can also be used to reduce costs.

Data recovery software R-Studio

This is data recovery software that boasts unprecedented advanced data recovery technology and high recovery performance.